The construction of architecture

Lampreave, Madrid, 2017.

Spanish XIV Biannual of Architecture & Urbanism selected 

The series of lectures “The construction of Architecture” emerged at the College of Architects of Malaga by initiative of Daniel Rincón de la Vega in 2012, thanks to the sponsorship of FYM-Heidelberg Cement. It was planned with the aim of trying to reveal the constructive keys of the work of outstanding architects. Professionals as renowned as those who make up this book, speakers of the first three editions. Many of them had not ever been to Malaga. Some had not been there for decades. The set offers a panorama of contemporary architecture formed of those teachers we still need.

Preface by Antonio Vargas and texts by Javier Boned Purkiss, Ángel Martínez García-Posada and Carmen Moreno Álvarez, for whom “the book is a heterogeneous set of texts that may seem messy at first sight but that are the reflection of the diversity of topics that it collects…It is a set of reflections of the author from new looks that bring to light the essential, the true, what is relevant in each case, a different way of re-reading what perhaps had been taken for granted. Each chapter is a short text about an architect or group of architects that describes some of their most relevant projects. They are dense stories, full of references and content, that try to illustrate the personal universe of the authors and their works. Arguments that crowd one after the other without a concrete direction but guided by the same idea, that of building the architecture ”. The architect from Granada concludes by stating that “each chapter separately can be the starting point for a broader reflection that can be extended to any creative act”, gathering the spirit with which the series of lectures was raised: incite reflection, criticism, and promote, encourage and disseminate contemporary architecture both among architects and society in general.