In praise of Elena María Mena Owens

Elena Owens, Sherwing Williams ad

In June of 1963, the architect Elena Arregui signed the article “The women’s opinion” in the Spanish magazine “Arquitectura”. The text includes a chronicle on the First International Women’s Congress of Bad Godesberg, Germany, on the opinion of women in housing, accompanied by several drawings by the author on different “types of women”, from the … Read more

Being Paul Newman

Hotel Hilton Marbella

In the mid-sixties, José María Santos Rein and Alberto López Palanco received the invitation to participate in a contest of ideas to implement a hotel in a plot of Marbella. They won because they understood how to take advantage of the project. With an absolutely contemporary attitude, they respected two blocks that were on the … Read more

Ruiz de la Prada. In memoriam

Ruiz de la Prada. Luxury flats at Ortega y Gasset St., Madrid

The architect Juan Manuel Ruiz de la Prada has passed away. Born in Madrid in 1927, he was part of a large group of forgotten Madrid architects, away from academic circles. His work highlights the four luxury residential buildings made in Madrid, clad in brick and wood, warm and evocative. Recently, after an interesting study … Read more